Top 5 Reasons to Eat Pastured Beef

Of course all our beef always has been raised 100% on pasture where they can roam and graze. This provides not only health benefits for the consumer, but also significant environmental benefits as well.  Here is what we believe are the ten best reasons to always search our pasture-raised beef. 

1. Living on pasture gives animals a happy, stress-free, healthy, natural lifestyle. With no stress and a healthy lifestyle they never get sick and therefore never need drugs.

2. The meat is better for you. Pasture-raised meat is high in omega-3 fatty acids--just like wild salmon. Omega-3s  lower risk for heart attacks and high blood pressure issues. Pasture-raised meats also contain contain much more cga--conjugated linoleic acids which are cancer fighters, have less fat and fewer calories than conventional meat, is much higher in minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, and much higher in essential vitamins like B, C and E. 

3. It's much better on the environment. Rotational grazing on pasture revives grasslands to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. By regularly moving our herd from area to area, they don't eat the grass bare which allows the grass to regrow much more quickly, sequestering much more carbon back into the land.

4. Reduces the needs for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Factory farms--you've seen exposés on them on film, YouTube, 60 Minutes...or driven by one on the highway. By anyone's account, they are disgusting. Not only do they force the animals to live in unspeakable conditions but they greatly increase the risk of disease, contribute a huge amount of untreatable waste back to the land and use intense amounts of energy, fertilizers and chemicals. Anything that reduces the dependency on factory farms is a good thing!

5. It costs less. What??? This can't be. We've all bought conventional beef and it costs way less. Well, not exactly. The same factory farms that are abusing the animals and ruining the land are also using feed that is heavily subsidized by your taxes. Pasture-raised beef requires none of your tax dollars and it supports small, local businesses which give back to the community.