Member Appreciation Month

Spring Member Appreciation Month!

Each year we spend one month really focusing on you, our members.  We hear from so many of you how much you appreciate the work we do and while we do it for the love of our mission we couldn’t do it without you.  You are the core of that mission.  Building a community around food.   

Bring your self, family, friends to enjoy as always.  But we are focused on you and yours in several specific ways this month…..

1)      Personal BBQ picnic -  Call a head and order your meat!  If you want a filet, chops or chicken, we will put together a dinner to your order and have it here in the store waiting for you.  Pick it up, walk down to the tent and the BBQ will be there for your enjoyment!  Bring your best friends for a special dinner and tour.  Just call ahead!

2)      May BBQ month- Tommy our farm Chief is serving up a different BBQ grill each weekend in May- tour your friends at 10, noon or 2pm and have a fabulous lunch afterward!

3)      Our off leash dog walking- we are opening an area of the farm each weekend to off leash dog walking (and Bones all around!).

4)      Hiking – Every other Sat at 9am starting May 2nd Craig, Tara or one of our guides will lead a 1 hour +/- hike out on to the property

5)      Fishing- 8am the same day as hiking we have Nick (a member volunteer) will be here to host fishing at the big pond

6)      Shooting Sports- George our Farm Manager is hosting members at our shooting range at 10 am every other Sun (next May 10th)

7)      Discount tickets to Our annual Pig roast and member appreciation finale - coming this June 15th Fathers day what more could a father want.


To help you share these fun weekends here are some gifts you can pass along:

1) Buy one get one free lunches

2) Free farm guest pass for a free tour and to participate for one time in any of the activities offered their first visit to the farm

3) Special discounts for those friends you introduce to the farm and that decide to become a member.

Gather up your favorite friends and come and enjoy a beautiful Spring!

Your ‘Green’ Farmer,

-Tara F. Smith