Farmers Note

In the process of getting ready to “write the book” I have been reading.  All kinds of stuff.  Trying to answer the question “Why did you jump into farming?  Who are you that you would make such a choice?”    I just finished reading Dante’s Comedy.   In particular I found the 5th level of Purgatory to be my answer to the above question.  Albeit not a conscious action but perhaps one of an unconscious nature….Slothfulness.  The 5th level of Purgatory is Slothfulness.   Not the cute animal and not the big guy eating chips on the couch.  But the person that knew they could make a difference but didn’t out of fear, hopelessness or apathy.  I somehow understood, in my bones, that I had to do something about what I learned.  I had to act or I would be a sloth on the 5th level of Purgatory and that can last hundreds of years.  Whatever the definition (wait,  loud smashing sound….yuck.  Tick walking across my desk….I hate ticks.  I get tested each year just in case…if you are a person that feels I should put the tick outside, let me know and I will put the next one in a bottle and send it to you to put in your “outside”, back to my point) Whatever the definition…of Sloth…I have an internal “thing” that tells me to act (wait…..that flattened #%#@ just got up and is walking around.  No, I didn’t put him in the toilet, I am experimenting.  Seeing how much of a squash it takes….more squishing)….so what is the thing that motivates one to act when they don’t have too?  Call it passion but  where does passion come from and why is it so powerful that it can overcome fear?


(It feels like there are ticks all over me now.  I realize a tick has value, bird food, just sayin).  Today I am being slothful.  Going through the motions.  Beautiful day out…..lots of little animals to pet!