Heretic:  a person who believes or teaches something that goes against accepted or official beliefs.  

I am a Heretic for food.  We live out on the fringe of what is accepted or official in the food world.  Thankfully I won’t be strung up on the rack or burned at the steak (pun intended).  Joel Salatin was so inspiring this past weekend. 

For those of you that attended our Joel Salatin fund raiser a big thank you.  Thank you for your time, attention and donation to the TFF Institute for Education.  It means a lot to us and we are half way to our goal.

The stand I take is not against “big ag”.  It’s against bureaucracy.   Attempting to fit a round farm into a square feedlot.  We need a 2nd tier set of regulations to allow us to function while at the same time providing the kind of food raised and grown with processes we know to be healthy and nutritious to animals, soil, the air and us!

To all of you that support USDA and its regulation to make food safe I stand with you.  I believe those regulations are necessary given the way the animals/vegetables are raised in this country.

I also believe that the people in our country have a right to choose to buy food from a local producer and that producer needs to have a set of rules that not only supports healthy food but allows the producer to exist financially.  We are the “Fringe”. 

The “Fringe” as Joel calls us, needs to be nurtured.  It’s where the big ideas come from (especially in California).  We can find a way and it’s all about education. 

I was told by our Farmers Market Manager that the California Department of Food and Agriculture had informed all the Market Managers that CSA’s would no longer be allowed to advertise at Farmers Markets.  In other words, we can take our food to the market but can’t tell anyone we have a CSA.  He didn’t know why.  No real explanation.  So I called of the CDFA.  I was told that they would be back to me.  Not holding my breath I called Jared Huffmans’s office to set up a meeting.  Got the meeting but I also got a call back from the CDFA.  The man said he had talked with his boss and they had decided that it didn’t  make sense to put that rule in place.   I was speechless.  There was a long pause.  I said “What? Did you just say that you are going to change the ruling because I asked you too”?  He said “No.  I am changing the ruling because it’s the right decision.  We are really here to help you, not hurt you”.   I was speechless.  

For those of you that know me, you know that that is not a common thing, me being speechless.  For those of you that know me well, you know that my response “I love you and would marry you but I am currently taken” was on par with my “authenticity”. 

Do understand.  It was a huge moment.  A moment that gives me hope again.    I can actually go up to Sacramento and meet with the CDFA to help them understand what we do and how we need their help.  And they want to help!   I am so excited (I get to put on a business suit and high heels again!) I get to make a difference.  A small one but who knows!

Let’s hear it for the Fringe.   Maybe a tee-shirt that says “Heretics for the Fringe”.  Too much?  Okay.  Any feedback you have bring it.  Thanks so much for the support! 


Your “Inspired” Farmer