Your food is under attack part 2


“Your Food is Under Attack” Part Two

My goal is never to offend, only to consider.  I liked the idea of the folks in Nevada coming to the aid of the farmer.  The circumstances are shady.  It is never black and white.  I just liked the town protecting the towns people.

I meant to convey my feeling of safety.  That you would come to our rescue should we need you.  That you have my back.  I pay my taxes by the way.

That said, thanks for reading.   I like the feedback and am never offended.

CNN is here today.  Well, not here but in the area.  I was asked if I wanted to talk with them and of course I said yes.  Not sure if they will actually come by but they are following up on the Rancho situation.  

Here is the update for those of you that care.  Rancho was sold to Marin Sun Farms.  We are utilizing the plant. 

All done.  Sort of.  There has been no formal charges.  No accusations on paper.  The owners sold the business because they couldn’t afford the financial hit to be out of business while the USDA and San Francisco prosecutors come up with formal charges.  So they sold.  It was too much.

After fifty plus years of serving the community, with humane processing, from ranchers to 4H they quit.  No ‘Thanks You’.  No ceremony.  Just gone.  Next. This frightens me.  I know why.  Because it could happen to me.  The law that applies to you and I, due process, doesn’t apply to the USDA, FDA, CDFA, NSA etc.   I don’t understand it and I don’t know when to quit.  So I keep going,  trusting the right direction to present itself.  So far, this is the right one.

I yearn for real justice….”For what could be imagined more beautiful than a perfectly just city, rejoicing in justice alone” – Mark Halprin.  What would real justice look like?  It would encompass leadership for the good of the people.  All the people.  Leadership that would choose the best possible education for all children over a new drug to help with someone’s sex drive.  Men and woman that acted “seemly” in all things.  Modelled good character for communities vs affairs, embezzlement, and selfishness.  Blah, Blah, Blah…ranting.   So…..

I want you to come to the Joel Salatin event if you have the ability to support our education program and free tours.  If you can’t come but can afford to donate, please do.  

It’s all about the community working together. 

Tara Firma Farms Institute 501c3.  If you can’t donate, come another day and bring friends out to enjoy the property and take a free tour. 

It all makes a difference.  You are the farm.  


Your “shy” Farmer.