Farmers Poem

Volunteers Volunteers

We love them with Shears

Cutting back the spiky bushes

Or Cutting up onions with tears

Rolling down their face.


With Shelly’s eye on the garden

Little toads hop into their makeshift houses

croaking “I beg your pardon” !


There’s Julie and friend

The magical two

Serving up dinner

Supporting the farm crew


And the folks that come

to wash eggs or pack fruit

They love to help and are

Always a hoot.


Carol and Gretchen

Now there is a pair

Stepping in to serve up

Whatever is there


We could manage without them

But would struggle no doubt

The Garden with weeds

And no toads about.


The dinners more stressful

To provide the best service

More eggs to be washed

It would all make me nervous.


I don’t worry these days

Thanks to their care

Also stepping up

Showing up here and there.


Volunteering is fun

Community service too

Working on the farm

With a parent or two.


Come ask where you

Can play and contribute

Picking eggs, pulling weeds

Or just packing fruit!


Your “gratitudinal” Farmer

Tara F. Smith