Something Staring at You from Inside Your Fridge?

I opened the door to the fridge this morning and was stopped cold by a pair of eyes staring back at me from a clear container of dog food.  It was an odd feeling being stared at like that.  Now, I know that the best broth is made out of chicken feet and heads; the protein is highest in the eyeballs and brain of the head.  But I'm still a city girl and those eyes staring back at me amongst the grind of the dog food was, well, over the top. 

I rolled my eyes back at the refrigerator eyes, pulled out the container and scooped half of it into the dog bowl.   Now, I have to say that I have a dark side.  Our three cats also get this food but I tend to feed the dog first.  At first out of habit but now because the littlest cat is the scrappiest and she won’t wait for her bowl to be filled- she fights the dog.  I have been told that dogs and cats don’t necessarily see “size”, so maybe my dog Roland is afraid of my tiny little cat Sophia because she has attitude or maybe he is just a nice dog (I don’t buy this one).  Regardless, she hisses and swipes at his nose and he backs away, waiting to eat.  She is, of course, slow and has royalty-like manners (other than the hissing and swiping).  She is slow.  It is funny and probably, slightly mean of me to watch but it cracks me up.  (I fill her bowl and put her in front of it after a bit of the entertainment).

The important message here is the food actually.  It is turkey, chicken, beef and pork.  Real meat is the best nutrition for the dogs and cats.  Not only for the protein but calcium too, as it contains beaks and ground bones.  In my opinion, raw food is the best thing you can give to dogs and cats.  Why not give it a shot? 

Here's a hint if your animal is suspicious:  poor some bacon grease or mix in a little of their regular dog food to get them started.  You will be surprised at the change in their coats and overall health. 

Your “Eye Rolling” Farmer

Tara F. Smith