Gaining more ground

We’re always trying to find ways to better serve our subscribers. In general the most common feedback we get is; "we get to many roasts in the freezer and too expensive." To that end, late last year we changed our plan for filling shares to packing fewer roasts which means we are cutting fewer roasts and have more ground meat.  What this means to you, our members, is we’ll be packing almost every share with a package of ground beef and a package of sausage.

If your not familiar already, here's a little about our ground beef. Many people say our ground beef is by far the most significantly, better tasting, product we offer here on the farm. It is pretty special, that we are the only producer I know, that ages the whole cow a full 21 days.   That means this isn't any ordinary ground meat, it is 21 day dry aged ground. This is in addition to being 100% grass fed and finished which load the meat up with Vitamin D, omega 3’s and conjugated linoleic acid giving you the essential fatty acids that your body needs and doesn't get from regular grocery store meat.

The way I see it this offers solutions to a couple of issues;
1)      Ground beef/sausage offers a less expensive meal,
2)      Ground beef/sausage is flexible, from hamburgers to spaghetti sauce,
3)      Ground beef/sausage is convenient.

As always if you don’t feel this meets your needs, please call our customer service number 707-765-1202 and let us help with the right combination for your family.