An update for those of you that are concerned about what has happened at Rancho. . .

The USDA came in and said there was a complaint.  They did not disclose the complaint but did an investigation.  There was no diseased meat found.  Additionally, there were no claims from consumers that any meat was diseased or caused any illness.

The inspection uncovered some boxes that did not have the USDA sticker on them.  This "meat" was beef carcass and offal.  It was not found to be diseased, it just didn’t have its proper sticker. 

There is a USDA inspector on site at all times while processing.  Rancho has not had a complaint about diseased meat.  

Now there is a recall, which doesn't make any sense.  Our meat is not involved, as we don’t do beef carcass or offal from anything but our own cows. 

The step to recall all meat is absurd if only because the plant is small, and there would be little- if any- meat left if it were returned.  AND the USDA has stated that there were no diseased cattle.  Yet a Class 1 recall suggests there might be.

You can trust that I am on top of this day to day, hour by hour.  Do know that your food is safe.

There are politics at play here.  I don’t understand why our Supervisors, Mayor or any other politicians are not fully investigating this rash behavior.  Due process is part of our constitution.  It is our right.  Rancho, you and I are losing those rights through our government offices. 

If you are concerned please call me or e-mail your number so I can respond as fast as allowable. 

Again, no meat was diseased but I do smell a dirty rat……

-Your Farmer, Tara F. Smith

P.S.  I apologize if this seems at all condescending.  I am not at all concerned about Tara Firma meat.  I know the process, my cattle and unequivocally know it is safe.  Again, please call if you are at all concerned or have questions.