Tara Firma Farms Institute

Education.  It’s all about Education.  Helping people like myself that know nothing about the sad state of affairs when it comes to food-like substances and where to get real food with real nutrition. 

TFFI is a nonprofit ( 501c3 and its sole purpose is to educate on food.  It has provided tours for over 8000 people including families and individuals on free weekend tours, school tours from preschool through college, corporations, fitness groups, cooking groups and people just looking for a different kind of experience.  There have been delegations from Japan, China and Europe looking to see what can be done vs. what they see industrially.

TFFI is funded by donations and private tours.  It allows us to give free tours for “at risk” kids introducing them to healthy food.  Our core events are run by TFFI so your ticket contribution pays for the cost of the event and the profit goes to TFFI and is then available to further education.  

My most memorable group was a group of teens from St. Vincent Home for Boys.  My ignorance had me slightly nervous when they pulled up.  The boys were all big men in stature but not in attitude.  They were kind, shy and polite and at the end of a long day (we started in the chick brooder, worked our way out to pasture, chose meat birds to process, processed and then cooked lunch).  They seemed to have the time of their lives.   The appreciation from these “almost men” was overwhelming.  They need adults to lead and mentor them and it made my day to participate even though it was only for a short time.  Many of you helped that become a reality with your donations (thanks particularly to David and Linda for that one).  

It makes my day when we receive a donation from one of you to further our mission.  It actually makes me smile all day long because I know that you think of us, our mission and are behind us to be successful in changing the way our local community perceives food with nutrition vs. calories and chemicals.

Every dollar helps.  So if you are feeling flush or just want to give up a couple of those coffee drinks (my favorite is a tall, skinny mocha with sugar free peppermint,  pure chemicals so I only drink them when someone brings one to me!!!).  It makes our day to receive donations (even a dollar makes a difference).  

Your “Pay if Forward” Farmer