Why Do You Eat?

An honest question.  At the far end of that spectrum one could answer that we eat to feed a feeling of hunger, period.  Some people don’t care about anything else.  At the other end of the spectrum one could answer that we want to have the tastiest, healthiest food for our bodies, to build soil that in turn offsets global warming, to support local farmers in order to increase the availability of food to all local residents.

Most of us are in the range of those two extremes and we have one thing in common:  we each get too choose.  We make choices everyday on where we will spend our dollar.  My son just went to a Giants game.  He was shocked to see that the cost of a regular sized beer was $10.  I like the idea that a beer is that costly, less drinking, less emotion at an event full of drama (the mother in me).  What surprises me is the same group of people will say that healthy food is too expensive. 

It’s not that it’s too expensive, it is much more that it is not perceived as having enough value; a lack of education.  

Choices are just choices.  We all make them. I would just ask that as adults we realize that at any moment, you have just what you wanted to have.  No more, no less. 

For those of you focused on those that don’t know they have choices, I agree with you and am not “lecturing” on that group of society.  I am talking about those of us that can do something about it.  Those of us that do know and can see the options.  It is a burden to have this much power, and yet we do have it.  What are your choices today? 

Your “Conflicted” Farmer