What are the animals eating??


Subscribers to Tara Firma Farms are inquisitive and selective with what they eat. Obviously a big part of knowing what you are eating is 'knowing what you are eating, is eating' and for chicken, pigs and cows the critical staple in their healthy diet is greens mostly in the form of grass. When these animals eat greens the nutrition is refined and stored in the meat. However, as an inquisitive farm community member you might be asking; 'but it's summer and the grass is brown, how are the animals getting their healthy greens?!' This is an important question, and one that we had to find an answer to early on. To ensure that all of our animals get the nutrition that they need when the grass isn't lush and full, we increase our gleaning program.

But what is gleaning?

We partner with Costco, Marin Food Bank and several organic farms that grow produce. These food business' have tons (literally) of fresh produce that is a day past the sale date and would normally be thrown out. Most of the fruits and vegetables that our local Costco has started to carry are organic! This is a testament to the consumer demand in Marin County. 

Organic vegetable farms have been wonderful partnerships for us as well. They grow lots of wonderful food, however there is great deal of "ugly" plants that aren't up to their standard for sale to the public. For this reason, they are pleased to have us come and collect this unsellable produce. Also, there are many plants that have "waste produce". For instance, a few days ago we went to First Light Farm in Petaluma and spent the afternoon picking the big cabbage leaves that are left over after the heads are harvested. This is an amazingly healthy addition to our pigs' and chickens' diets!

With this constant supply of fresh healthy food for our animals, it is no wonder they are so healthy! When your pay attention to the diet of the animals you are eating you will start to discover and unlock one of the missing secrets to mastering you own personal health. Come out for a tour to see for yourself how your food is being grown!