Ecology Matters!

We have a soil shortage in America. Soil needs time to reconstitute itself- time that our corporate farmers don't want to take. So, instead of alternating fields to grow crops, conventional farmers are spraying the land with chemicals to render the soil "fertile" faster. Intuitively, we know that there is not an artificial substitute for natural cycles that comes close to providing the same benefit. 

The result is that we are growing more and more food in soil that has less and less nutritional content.

Worse than the lack of nutrients, the food is full of chemicals that have been used in a desperate attempt to reconstitute it. This may only have a small immediate effect on the body, but after years of eating nutrient deficient and chemically infused food it can have detrimental effects on our health.

It is time for change!

Ecology matters, and when people take a closer look at how our food system alters nature's processes, they usually don't mind paying a little more for the right food!

Here is a video with how we raise our animals in a way that compliments the ecology of the land!

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