What’s for Dinner? Not a simple answer around our house….

As I was deciding what to make for dinner last night a neighbor came knocking.
“Hey Tara, I am so sorry but driving up San Antonio, the car in front of me hit one of your chickens.  It is laying in the road.”
I jumped in my Prius.
As I approached the “murder scene” I saw the bird laying smack in the middle of the road on the double yellow lines.  It was a Rhode Island Red and from a distance looked like ketchup across two yellow hotdogs.
I pulled my car over.
Looking for cars coming in either direction I stepped onto the road and walked toward the bird.
It was still and, well, dead.  I picked her up.  She was warm and upon examination it was her head that had been hit.  I was relieved that she had died instantly.  No suffering.  Now what to do.  Hmmmmm.
I had an oven mitt on my left hand (I had just been preparing dinner) so holding her in that hand I drove back to the house. Once in the kitchen I started plucking her feathers off. 
Once that was done I cut off the feet and head then began taking out the innards. 
Craig walked in.  “What are you doing”? 
“Making dinner” I said.
“From road kill?” he said.  His eyebrows raised in question with a bit of disbelief but not surprised. 
I looked up rolling my eyes. 
Just then the 15 year old son walked in.  I could see the look on his face as he registered what I had in the sink and what Craig had just said.
“Are you kidding me?”  He said in disgust.  “You make soup out of heads and feet and now you’re picking food off the road and feeding it too us?”
It was one of the moments I live for.  “Yes,” I replied “It is road kill but it will be really good road kill”.  I actually snorted with laughter while stamping my foot (I am truly becoming a hick). 
By dinner time the 15 year old had forgotten about the “road kill” and loved the soup.   No surprise there.  Food is all he thinks about.
What can I say? Farming in the new millennium is hard work and those moments make it all worth it!  When are you coming for dinner?

Your “efficient” Farmer!