Tara Firma Farms Reality TV Show?

How does an insurance agent with a fairly nondescript life go from nondescript life to the NY Times, calls for a book deals and a TV Series?

Who would have thunk it?  OMG.  It has been crazy around here for the last 2 weeks since that article appeared in the New York Times.   A bit overwhelming and out of my comfort zone, so to speak (I am always embarrassed at attention in this way and I believe this is a common thing among my generation….we need to get over that but I digress. )
Here is my answer:
Take an entire life savings, add in 15 years of corporate experience, throw caution to the wind and invest all your passions into farming (hope for the best).

Is that crazy?  Yes.  What was the alternative?  I didn’t think about that part.  Mostly I thought about possibilities.  Put that on top of a menopausal, angry woman state of mind and that put me over the edge.  The one key ingredient that was the pivotal point of success or failure?  It was and still is you
Without you and your willingness to show up, ask questions, learn, teach, and participate, we would have failed and I would have been back out on the street (maybe literally), looking for work (I was a good waitress back in the day).  We are a community.  We are families that share in our foibles, our loves, our hopes and dreams.  We are not alone.  Food and planet bring us together.
So, probably we won’t be doing a reality TV show (I couldn’t imagine that) and maybe we will write a book (send me all your fun stories here at the farm), but at the end of the day we are about education, real food raised real sustainably and sharing an “allemande left” at the next barn dance or carving pumpkins at Pumpkins on Pikes this October.
No one is successful (whatever that means) alone.  That wouldn’t be fun anyway!- 

Your “awkward” Farmer