Making the Body Matter

Our new Operations Manager on the farm is a spunky man named, Josh; A multi-talented musician, yoga-practicing, handyman sent from the Gods. His view of food as medicine has sparked many conversations in the Tara Firma office kitchen, no doubt in part to his fiancé, Madalyn's, passion and contribution to the Alternative Medicine column in the Examiner. It has inspired his first, and personal, letter below:

"When the communication between you and your cells are strengthened, the connection between your consciousness and something much bigger is also strengthened. Even though cells are microscopic, there are trillions of them and they make up YOU. The health and functionality of those cells rely heavily on the food you eat. Healthy cells, in turn, create a healthy body. When you make the choice to eat quality food by becoming a member of our farm, you are making the choice to sync  your body, mind and the earth. When we take full accountability for what goes into the body, happiness and the power to create better health is activated.

We are a symphony not just a note, meaning our body is made up of a lot of different, little parts needed to be cared for and nurtured. What feeds our senses is not necessarily what is best for cellular function. We are accustomed to looking outside of ourselves or to a pill as a means to solve our bothersome body problems. It is astounding how few people are able to trace their pain back to their forks!

We are all matter, and eating food contaminated by pesticides and meats from mistreated animals are a root cause of our own ailments.

So, thank you all for supporting us and, in turn, yourselves.