What Are People Saying?

We are so grateful for the overwhelming support that we have been receiving lately! We are not perfect and there are going to be cases when we fail to meet our member’s needs. However, the constant support and reassurance we continually hear is just fuel to our fire! When we get a positive review from a happy member it keeps us striving to not only provide the healthy, wholesome food that our members count on, but to also provide a memorable and convenient shopping experience. Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve seen from some of our cherished members at Tara Firma Farms:

We went for a tour one Sunday thinking it would be a fun thing for the kids to do and two hours later, our lives were changed. We now get their small veggie share and a la carte meats weekly and have transformed our eating habits. We have fun opening the box each week to see what veggies we got and then trying to figure out what to make with them. My 3 year old is suddenly stoked to eat vegetables (worth the $20 alone) and mom is stoked at the affordability and quality of the food we're getting. Extra bonus: I've lost 8 lbs. this past month by eating more veggies and less processed foods.  We've been "members" for two months now and our veggies have always been fresh and delicious. The meat is some of the best I've ever tasted, and I'm not even that great of a cook!
I'm looking forward to this spring and summer and utilizing all of the other activities the farm has to offer - hiking, fishing, and the barn dances. Places like Tara Firma make me SO happy we decided to raise our kids in P-Town!”

-Yo, Mill Valley (Yelp)

Tara Firma Farms is doing it right. Want to learn about where you foods comes from? How it gets made? How's it's shipped or processed? Tara Firms can show you. The tour starts out with looking at baby chicks. Craig (Tara's husband) is extremely knowledgeable and answers the questions in your head even before you ask them. After baby chicks, you see teenage chickens frolicking in the pasture, then you see pigs, and cows, and more chickens, and some vegetables. If it's a hot day, be sure to wear sunscreen or bring a shade umbrella. And bring water!
After the tour ends in a barn, where you may see a family of owls (so cool!), you'll be informed about their CSA. Sign up people! It's local produce delivered to your house or available for pick-up. It changes seasonally and it's not expensive! All that produce you see at wherever you shop (Safeway, Sprouts, etc.) is most likely not local. Tara Firms Farms is on I St. It doesn't get much more local than that.
Take a tour and treat yourself to some organic farming knowledge.”

-Aaron, Petaluma (Yelp)