Our Organic Holiday

 Bringing tradition into the new age!

Fourth of July celebrations spark many beautiful pictures in our heads of family, fireworks and of course, food. And why shouldn't it when more and more studies begin to show that food can be used to nurture, comfort, and best of all, heal? This Fourth of July, millions of Americans stepped out into the afternoon sunshine to grill up approximately 700 million pounds of chicken, 190 million pounds of red meat and 150 million hot dogs. And for the fourth year in a row, Tara Firma Farms got to be a part of it! With our new additions of raw, brined and marinated chicken, the introduction of new products like cured bacon and pastrami as well as the countless styles of sausages, burgers, and other delicious meats, we appreciate being able to share in the traditions and celebrations that bring your family together. Here at the farm, our farmers, ranch hands, office staff and even the Smith family tend to find themselves gushing stories about the happenings on our 300 acres while passing forks full of cooked sausage and potatoes [fresh from our own farm store] from hungry mouth to hungry mouth as we make those quiet, comforting sounds of pleasure and contentment. 

With Independence Day festivities now coming to a close, the Tara Firma family wants to extend their love and appreciation to have finished off their fourth year of being able to provide the community with fresh, organic, local and sustainable food for your families and holiday parties. We are comforted by the knowledge that, now more than ever, Americans are choosing natural or organic products from local sellers over conventional, processed foods from the nearest national-chain grocer. Even with the economic downturn that struck Americans, especially the organic food industry, in 2008, there has been a steady 8% rise each year in the organic market while conventional food expands by only 2% each year. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the obvious reason we buy organic food locally, boosting our local economy just happens to be a wonderful benefit to the process! With lower environmental impact and a higher percentage of money directly put back into the community, you can feel better about the relationship you have with Tara Firma Farms than ever before!