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We received a group of chicks last week (600).  About 25 of them were smaller than the rest and seemed listless.  They died within hours.
I e-mailed our “guy” the owner of the hatchery.  I let him know that the previous batch of 600 was fabulous and we only lost 4 chicks in the first 2 days.
I also made sure he knew I was not “complaining” but really wanting to know why the small size in this group.  What caused it etc.   I was not asking for any refund.
I wanted to know if there was something to explain the issue to avoid it in the future or solve the problem.
He had the answer.  The chicks were laid by first time mama hens and that it is not uncommon that some of the hatch will be small on day two.  He had put a note in the bill but I had not seen it.  He apologized and said he would send extras in the next batch. 
It was nice to know the cause.  It was not necessary to add extra chicks this week (a good business call on his part though). 
What was great is that we worked together.  No anger, nasty threats or tantrums.  Working things out.  We are in this business together.  I like that.
Dinner that night was at a restaurant.  Very exciting for me!  The waiter was new and struggled to get things done.  I watched my friends at the table, how differently they responded to the slow service.  One was angry and making nasty comments.  Another was polite and pointing out the mistakes each time.  Neither approach brightened the evening.  Thinking about the chicken experience I grabbed one of the seasoned waiters and suggested she help so the new waiter could get on track.  It worked.  I tipped big but on the way out she looked forlorn.   I stepped aside and told her I remembered being new and the best waiters learn and go forward.  Ask for help when you need it and go forward. Frankly the best of any profession learns and moves forward.  That’s how they come to be the best.  Her lip was quivering, she smiled and said thank you. 
I felt good about offering some courage to this human being.  Being new.  I’ve been pondering these two experiences in the last few days and wonder if we approached everyone, every time, with patience, support and kindness that perhaps more of us would take risks and venture out to new things.  I wonder ……
P.S.  If you have feedback for me (the farm too), please do offer it.  Especially if you wish for us to make changes.  We won’t always have a solution but you may.    I expect of you, as members, to consider this your farm, your soil, your food and your community.  It was my intention and still is.  I hold us accountable for the health of the food and you accountable for the expectation of that food being all things sustainable. 
Here’s to working together…your Farmer….