My People Get It….

I found an odd point of view out on the road yesterday. 

As I careened around the corner (I Street is always an event), I saw a calf out on the road.  Slowing down, putting on my flashers I pulled over (there really isn’t anywhere to pull over).  Just coming around the corner is what I would label a Cattleman.  A guy that has raised cattle his entire life, knows more about cattle than I ever will and is so comfortable in his skin that I can feel the fashion labels (which I don’t own) and city girl aura brightly shining around me.  He could see it too! 

There were a couple of his calves out so I assisted one and he the other.  Introducing myself, he extended his hand, took off his hat and without missing a beat “Good to meetcha, Miss.  I have heard great things.”  (I loved the Miss part).

We chatted a bit about Coyotes coming down off the hills of late.  No rain, no food for small animals, no food for Coyotes.  I relayed our story of the Coyote that attacked a newborn calf and how we saved him and would keep him for the children to pet.  He asked how we dealt with the day he had to go to process.  “How do the kids/parents handle that?” he asked. 

I was happy to relay the following:  “Our members understand the life cycle.  They know that the cow poops on the ground, microbial life eats the poop and in turn poop out food for the grass.  As long as no chemicals are involved, everything serves everything else in the cycle.”

“Your customers know that?” he said with raised eyebrows and a touch of disbelief. 

“We require them to know.  It’s sort of like a part of our membership.  We are all part of the life cycle in some way and our practices respect those cycles.  Someday we'll all become part of the ground, the microbial life will eat us and the grass will take us up at nutrients.  The cow eats the grass.  So, while we eat the cow, the cow relies on us too!” 

He said he would visit.  If you run into him, please do know your stuff.  You are all representatives of clean food.  Thanks for the support.  

Your "City Girl" Farmer