Piglet Flashlight Tag – the piglets won!

It was dark.  The hill was steep, for tall people anyway.  Five or six headlamps shining this way and that. 

“Shhhh, they're up here,” came an unidentified voice.  “Walk slowly down in a curve.  Get them along the fence down to the truck- THERE THEY GO!  DON”T LET THEM GET PAST YOU!”  45 piglets, ears flopping, dodging in between legs.  

Needless to say, it was hysterical.  

Moving the breeding herd to their new pasture brought up some interesting challenges.  The mamas, we moved in the daytime, Lazily walking along the road to the back entrance on the other side of the property, down the lane and into a nice shaded area. 

The piglets, however, were a different story.  They were up for a challenges and frankly, they won.  At least during the day.  When the night came, we had at least a better chance as catching them.  It took about an hour.  I was in awe watching some of the more enthusiastic guys dive across the ground like NFL receivers, only to miss and try again. 

The aftermath was a beautiful site.  Mamas softly breathing in the peacefulness around them while there babies suckled and slept.  All happy and content.  Now for the humans to shower!