One Lonely October Night in the Garden . . .

 The moon rose slowly.  Staring at it didn’t make it move faster.  It made me think of looking in the fridge after already looking in the fridge 2 minutes before and expecting it to have different food in there.  Why do we do that?  I think it’s because sometimes there is something different.  Sometimes that’s in the fridge changes, just like the full moon raising its bright eye above the hills.  It's so big and orange and you can see the face and sometimes. Sometimes it is not a kind face.  Sitting in the garden on a pyramid of straw bales late last night, the face was not kind.

I slept.

As the cock crowed in the wee hours, the dew fell and a rustling awoke me.  I felt the wet on my cheeks, the damp in my clothes.  How long had I been here?  Why hadn't someone come and found me?  

 Looking up the moon was gone from where I last recalled.  Not just over the hills, but higher and closer.  It shouldn’t be closer.  Why is it so big?  It should be farther and smaller. It shouldn’t be . . . grinning.  

The howling came next.  It was only one at first- one coyote.  But as the moon came closer, reaching, the howls multiplied.  The snarling and closeness. . .

 Moving to the top of the straw bales, I could see the shadows surrounding me.  The red eyes challenging.  There were so many.  The moon shown directly on me as if I was a meal on a stage with the spot light signaling my solo. 

Press Democrat Headlines, October 21, 2013:

"Farmer Gone Missing – Foul Play Suspected"

The owner of Tara Firma Farms, Tara Smith, has been missing for 24 hours.  She was last seen working in the garden the prior evening preparing for the Pumpkins on Pikes celebration this coming Saturday night.  Traces of torn clothing and blood were found on the straw bale pyramid and the blood was identified as a match.  The following morning turkeys were found sitting on the pyramid, and while alive they are splattered with blood.  Human remains were found inside many of the birds but the police are yet to comment.