Salmonella, Anyone???

I don’t have TV so I didn’t hear about the Salmonella outbreak until an urgent call came through…

“Tara Firma Farms, may I help you?” said the unprepared son.

“Hi, this is John from KRON 4,” said John from KRON 4.

At this point the explosions in the head of the “unprepared son” began going off…

“How can I help you,” squeaked out as he jumped out of his chair and took a martial arts pose.

“We wanted to know if we could drive up and interview Tara about the salmonella outbreak for the 8pm news tonight,” he replied.

“Yes.  You can,” he burst out, hung up and ran screaming over to my office (I wonder where he gets that from?)

Waving a note with a name and number he ran in and….

I wasn’t there (I am still laughing at that part).

I was down by the store.

With the sky falling, he came screaming in….”KRON 4 wants to come up and interview you for TV news tonight!  OMG can you imagine what that means?  It’s local.  Everyone will see it!" (sort of, given that a lot of people I know can’t stomach the news on TV, but I digress. . .)

John arrived an hour later and something happened that hasn’t happened before.

He came with a certain urgency, I get it- have to be done in an hour, edit and upload to be on the news by 8pm.  Somehow I got caught up in his urgency and I let ’er rip. 

I soap boxed.  Intentional soap-boxing. 

The gist was nothing you don’t know already….”You can’t push food and expect healthy food to result. The Ag industry has pushed efficiency in to the food cycle without any regard for the life cycles of the soil, grasses, animals, us and the planet. Breaking every conceivable life cycle for the sake of cheap food and proud of it.  Offering up the health care industry its customers. . .”

It got a lot worse.  I did put you all (our farm members) on the spot saying that we required you to come on the tour and know the basic principles of what we do here.  So read up or come on a tour if it has been a while.  All of the Bay Area expects you to know your food processes.  No pressure.

At the end of the evening we went to town to watch.  It was fun.  I liked that I didn’t look fat and didn’t stutter too much.  I sounded okay and didn’t insult anyone.  The people at the bar (we went to a bar restaurant to watch) were kind of impressed.  At least that’s what I told myself. 

My only regret is that the sound bites, as they call them, are short and some of my best work was scrapped to the editors floor.  Oh, well.  There will be another opportunity (that is kind of a bad thing to say, but it’s true).  The good news is your food supports all the life cycles and for that you can walk proud.

-Your “TV Star", if only for a moment, Farmer.