Musings on the Coyote

 Coyote: Canis latrans. Often compared to Loki, Scandinavian Mythology as the “trickster”; he stole fire from the Gods, caused Mt. Shasta to blow, and wrought havoc with a particular duck, chicken, bat, raven and several other animals in mythological story. He is clever, but like all intelligent beings he can also have his foolish moments and can make emblematic mistakes (think Road Runner). Teams use his name for hockey and basketball. He is a Mascot for colleges and high schools. He comes in coats, hats, gloves and wraps. He is a way of being: ‘The Way of the Coyote’. He is movies, "Coyote Ugly"; he is a record label. Coyote is slang for People Smugglers. There are numerous coyote jokes (i.e. the '3 Way Coyote'- ask your Uncle Joe.) ‘Howling dogs’ is his namesake in Cheyenne. Here on the farm, Coyote is a different persona. Without the rain, food doesn’t grow for small rodents and rabbits. Those rodents are Coyote food, so when they go hungry he will as well. We often live side by side, like uneasy neighbors. But lately . . .


He is hungry.  Without rain, he is here. 

I wake at midnight to his howling at the moon.

He is bold.  He walks across the front yard garden and Roland growls, a low guttural sound.

Cats run up into the trees.

Peering out the window, I see him sauntering down the path toward my turkeys.

I yell out “Hey, Loki-Coyote.  I see you”.

He stops.  Lazily turns, with a raised eye-brow. 

“What about it, Farmer” he scoffs.

Yeah, right.  What about it?  He looks the size of a wolf with attitude. 

“Nothing.  Just saying hello.”

I am a city girl and he knows I know it. 

I rely on the fence and solar power to protect my turkeys.

It works.  Coyote knows that too, but he enjoys making the point: I am a city girl.