Ode to an Early Spring!

Babies Babies
It seems like spring
Is in the air

The little piglets, oh so cute
Their digging acumen
Is quite astute.

Moving rocks
for that scrumptious worm
their palate is complex
in it’s ability to discern.

Chicks on pasture
Running about
Roosters strutting
As if they have clout.

The cows eating sweet grass
Up to their knees
The garden is busy
With pollinating bees.

Such beautiful days
Here on the farm
Come and visit
Take a break
It will do you no harm.

Your connection
To this place
The quiet and sun
Is more than just food
Or Playing or fun.

Its sitting and thinking
Enjoying a moment
With friends and family
It’s a healthy component

To be still and ponder
What is happy to you
That wine shared with friends
Those things that you do

Like rolling down hill
With one kid on top
Or running to catch up
With the one that won’t stop!

Bring your friends
And a blanket
Pick some lettuce
And grill!

The fun and the memories
In our children instill
That the best times we’ve had
Were the simple ones you see

It was easy and fun
A gift given freely
A gift of attention
Given to each other with grace

It leaves memories
That bring smiles
To everyone’s face.

Share the peace
Simple pleasures of laughter abound
This secret, this farm
And the love all around.

Bring your babies to see ours! your farmer.