Notes from Your Farmer

What does Uganda have to do with Tara Firma Farms?

Nothing and yet, everything.

Peter Frances Lustwata heads up a group in Uganda feeding 200,000 families.  This is food they get to choose, this is the only food they get, period.

Fascinating in that it is all organic.  They cannot afford chemicals. 

The Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation:

There is a U.S. site also:

There are so many opportunities to participate with this group.  Sending our young adults there to participate in many good works.  It is safe and the programs and well set up.  They can use all the help they can get but there is a huge value in participating.

Seeing the difference and participating in it tends to grow not only minds but hearts.

Peter was here yesterday and walked around looking at what we have going on here.  Perhaps the shock for him is the wealth of land, food, and how our country lacks an understanding of what real food is.  I was about to explain it, my understanding of it but it seemed to be not understandable from his perspective (or at least that is what I thought would happen so I didn’t try). 

What I know is we are leaders in the world and you are part of a much broader movement to take back our lives, the accountability for them.  We are in such a position to do so.

Take a peek at the website.  You may find it inspiring.  

Your humbled Farmer, Tara Smith