Notes from Your Farmer

An Intimate Dinner with Your Farmer and an opportunity to grow the Membership!

Wondering what to do this weekend?  Friends coming for dinner that love the food you serve?  In an effort to grow the family farm membership one of our members recommended the “Farmer” come to dinner.  Works for me.  Talking farm, food and the hilarious stories that go on around here.

Great idea, I love it when someone else cooks! 

So I am inviting myself to your home, if you are game to invite a few neighbors and fun friends, to hear about life on the farm, the industry and whatever intrigues your guests to learn about (these conversations are always amusing for everyone and insightful).   The dinners we have attended so far are full great conversation, laughs, surprise and of course, great food.  Another option is to grill here!  Bring your friends on tour, and we will join you for an early dinner down at the tent!  Another great way to grow farm membership and community.

If you are interested, contact me directly  We can figure out a date that works. 

If you haven’t been out in a bit, the piglets are in abundance, running everywhere, unbelievably cute…come visit!

Your Farmer, Tara Smith