Photo of Rosemary the goat by Nathaniel Coon

Dec 5, 2011
Notes from Your Farmer

When it rains it pours…

I believe in the law of attraction. I have to. Not because it is exciting or inspiring but because it can be dangerous…

3 years ago I had a vision:

To grow and raise organic real food. Did that. Educate our community about real food and offer a better choice than the grocery store. Did that. Do all of this profitably. Did that (one month and counting!).

The point is…I didn’t know how to do all of that. I just had a vision and everything unfolded. It unfolded pretty much to look like what I expected. In fact it unfolded better than I expected.

The “how” was not important. It was the continuous thoughts, way of being, that attracted the how. The how showed up and I acted on it. But the thoughts, oh the thoughts. They are the secret.

So what about the danger? Well, we also talked about teaching future farmers to execute this model and help them into property, be the bank for them so to speak. Why? Because there are so few opportunities for our children to learn farming from a perspective that they could actually be farmers. That it can be a wonderful life and profitable. That they could work outside with nature and make a decent living. But most importantly we need to have the food they would provide. There are so few local farmers. Not enough to feed these two counties, not even close. We are at the mercy of the cheap, processed foods that crowd our grocery stores, fill up our neighborhood quick marts, tempt our kids at their schools through fast vending machines.

Hence the Tara Firma Farms Farm School. A nonprofit. It was the last part of the vision. And it is scary to me that we already have the nonprofit designation. We have the first $15k for startup money and we hired a seasoned, start up, nonprofit, guru to begin it, Pam Hartwell-Herrero. She started Sustainable Fairfax and is now Mayor of Fairfax. She is awesome. I am meeting with local influential people to raise the money to begin. All of that with a thought. Albeit a consistent thought.

The phrase “be careful what you ask for”. Maybe it should be more like “Be aware of what you are thinking about. You are asking the Universe to deliver it and She wants to”.

It was a beautiful day here on the farm.
Come visit.

Your Farmer, Tara Smith