Oct 24, 2011
Pumpkins on Pikes!

It’s Festival Time, here at the farm
Children and parents carve alike
500 pumpkins in all their glory
Each sit upon a pike.

Looking out across the garden
500 pumpkins look back
The fun, the food, the smiles on children
The orange glows against the black

Floating faces of all shapes, glowing in the night
The sun goes down, the candles light
The view is such an amazing site.

But more is happening here than we know
The pumpkins see it, their smiles grow
The community of family, seeds of friendship will sow
They bask in their efforts of the pumpkin glow.

Each year we meet celebrating the season
Each year we come back for a simple reason
To commune, to play, to share a toast
Drink pumpkin beer or a marshmallow roast

We come to remember that we are all one
We come to experience that oneness in fun
Enjoy your Halloween next week
The turkeys come next, and they are a Treat!

Happy Harvest and Halloween!

Your Farmer Tara Smith