Oct 10, 2011

Ode to the Grass…..

Annual grass grows once a year
Perennials would grow all year long
But it needs help to get going
Cows do the mowing
Chickens fertilize, debug and help with the sowing

Why is that good?
This should be understood
Within photosynthesis the answer is found
The grass that keeps growing
Due to the fertilizer and mowing
Photosynthesizes carbon back into the ground

This is good as you know
So our ozone will grow
Protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun
The happy animals on pasture
Avoid the disaster
Of life in cage with no fun.

Life with no fun
Is a life full of stress
It creates such an unnecessary mess
It requires chemical use
And all kinds of abuse
Our environment is choking as if in a noose

So we grow the grasses
That sequesters the carbon
We do it with animals
And make sure they have fun.

The circle of life
It is all around us
If we just follow Mother Nature
It is her we can trust

We have worked really hard
With the animals here
Raising them out on the pasture
Help us change the world
One farm at a time and
Avoid an environmental disaster!

Your Farmer Tara Smith (with a little help from Dr. Seuss)