Jan 30, 2012
Notes from Your Farmer

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away
We need you every other day!

Our perennial grasses are growing fast
If you keep it up, all year they will last!

Without you right now to raise up cattle food
We would be forced to buy alfalfa and that would not be good!

The cost of alfalfa will be astronomical
The cost of beef will become quite comical!

And those perennials sequester carbon back into the ground
Without you helping you know where that carbon is found.

It stays up in the air for our children to breath
It warms up the planet and it might force us to leave.

So please keep on coming as long as you can.
Please help us stick to our rotational plan.

Our beef is amazing. It’s clean and it’s healthy.
Our cattle are happy and our grass lands are wealthy!

The chickens and pigs and the cows all dance
when your drops help the grass to grow and advance

Through the year their roots grow deep in the ground
And can continue to grow when you’re not around.

Our community counts on us to deliver
Without you right now I feel a slight shiver.

So I trust in your plan and we’ll go boldly on
And look forward to more rainy and wet with each dawn.

Your Soggy Farmer, Tara Smith