Jan 23, 2012
Notes from Your Farmer

OMG, I had lunch with a scientist. A smart guy. A really smart guy. The kind of person that is so smart he did his level best to keep me from getting lost. He had emotional intelligence along with his smart guy intelligence. His involvement in shaping the world is really interesting and revolves around stuff that we know and care about. Green stuff. Global green. Needless to say I was on the edge of my chair and asking a million questions. He couldn’t answer fast enough. His facts and point of view or opinions, he was careful to identify each, were off the charts for me and the best part was the hope he instilled for us globally. A rising consciousness across the globe that would change our way of being drastically along with an exponential growth in science and technology bringing discoveries to us in 10 years that weren’t expected for 100 years.

Here was my favorite…he asked me if I had ever thought about how old I wanted to get. I said I always answer that question with the age of 150 as long as I am healthy enough to care for myself (buy long term care insurance). He replied “you will have the option”. Of course my response was “I beg your pardon?” He said the technology and science reverse aging was in place and within 10 to 20 years would be available. Not to raise concern that that may cause a global population crises that is already upon us he said. Because we are learning more than just science on aging, we are learning about space travel, healthy food, restoring the planet and protecting its resources. Predications of a Global government supported by a consciousness that eradicates war, starvation, and disease.

Even if he is slightly right I am excited. But I digress to the point I want to make. All weekend I have been thinking about the idea of really living until 150. Would it change what I do today? Something about not worrying so much and rushing so much because I only have 20 good years left. What if I had 100 good years left. That changes things. Would I slow down a bit? Take more time to learn more, mentor more, plan longer term that I thought before….?
Somehow that simple conversation with the smart guy has relieved me of some anxiety that time is running out. Maybe we do have time to get it right, whatever right is.

The smart guy agreed to come to the farm for a pot luck event and to do a talk. Very excited for that. Have a great contemplative week!

Your “Feeling Very Young” Farmer, Tara Smith