Dec 26, 2011
Notes from Your Farmer

The Christmas Otter…..(a short story/poem)….
Twas the week after Christmas
And all across the farm
The sun was shining
The green hills with their charm.

Walking along
The small pond at my left
I noticed a visitor
Caught in a theft.

It sat in the middle
Of the pond very still.
Eating the Koi
Having its fill.

It saw me first
But didn’t move off.
When I stopped in surprise
It swallowed and scoffed.

Slipping slow in the water
It seemed to not care
That I was so close
And continued to stare.

I looked further around
In excitement you see
I wanted to share
My dis-cov-ver-ee.

No one was around
I stood silent in awe.
Taking in the surroundings
Not conscious of what I saw.

I walked quietly away
Feeling as if
I was given a belated
Special Christmas gift.

As I moved up the hill
It came to me slow
That something was missing
And suddenly, “whoa”.

The picture in my mind
Was the pond and the otter.
The Blue Herron was standing
On the side and seemed bothered.

There was something else
But my mind was still stuck.
Then it dawned on me suddenly
There was only one duck.

We have had a pair
2 ducks in the pond
A couple, it seemed
Of them we are fond.

I wondered at why
I would only see one.
They are always together
Watching them is fun.

I put it out of my mind
And went on with my day
But the thought came back
It would not go away.

The next morning I walked
Direct to the pond
And sadly I noticed
The second duck gone.

I rushed to the internet
And what did I find
That happy fat otter
Eats ducks and others in kind.

So what do you do?
It’s a war at all levels
The otter, over fishing
Both are coined devils.

Depending on the moment
On who is in need
We seem to be always
An invader indeed.

So while he is cute
And my fish are diminishing
The time has come
To put a stop to his fishing

He is getting fat fast
So yes he must go.
Just not sure how to end
His cute but devastating show.

Perhaps a removal
Of the otter in question
Put back in the river
And the pond we’ll refreshen.

In the world that we live
Is a world that’s at War.
Oil, Pharm, Banks, and Food
We must closely explore.

We must take back our world
From the few with the power
It certainly won’t be easy
We must act now in this hour.

For WE have the power
With each decision we make
To love or to purchase
Our souls are at stake.

Make your resolution this year
Be one of a question:
“Is the next decision I make
Sustainable with thoughtful introspection?”

If we do this together
We’ll change the path we are on.
We will set a pattern for living
The war will be won…

Glad to be in the trenches with you…your farmer Tara Smith