Dec 12, 2011
Notes from Your Farmer

“You are my hero”.

Someone said that to me last week. They were referring to the jump from the corporate world to farming. “Hero” is an interesting label. I think of a hero as someone who shows great courage or strength of character. Martin Luther King comes to mind, or Lierre Keith. Very different people but they both meet the definition showing great courage, and strength of character. They took a stand for what they believe in and did so peacefully while faced with great adversity and physical harm. Both were/are heroes in my book. I didn’t know MLK and I had a brief introduction to Lierre Keith. Both inspire me to move forward with character and integrity, yet I don’t see myself as a hero. Or at least I don’t feel that way. I wasn’t afraid of jumping into farming, I was excited. I haven’t faced physical threats to my person because I became a farmer…not yet anyway…:).

However, I will comment on something that happens naturally to someone when they take a stand for something they believe in. In today’s media environment it is called “arm chair blogging”. Someone that knows nothing about what you do has an opinion and states that opinion with authority. I find that fascinating. A critique without a clue. It makes for so much loss. Loss in time, energy, and money in some cases. What a sad profession to take up, arm chair blogging. A wasted life in that there is nothing valuable about it. It doesn’t build up a cause, or support a hero or give rise to anything but fear, uncertainty and doubt.

I believe we are all heroes inside and if we didn’t fear public opinion whether it is family, friends, media etc…we would feel courage and show the stamina of character daily. I don’t feel like a hero and maybe that’s because I don’t fear others opinions and have to therefore find “courage” to act. Maybe that is the secret. We are heroes underneath and it is would be a natural way to be if we didn’t have to fear each other every moment.

By the way…as members, you are my heroes. You take a stand for unadulterated food and humanly raised animals in the face of other choices you could make.

In gratitude, Your “Hero” Farmer, Tara Smith