The Bottom Line……Sounds like a political news show and I am hosting. Here it is…Unfortunately the switch to corn and soy free feed is not sustainable, available consistently, or affordable going forward - with price increases in the peas in particular. We analyzed the numbers and would need to charge $10/lb for chicken in order to make it work so we going back to the feed we used prior to last February.

Here is what I know about the effect of feed for the animals that we eat…The health of the bird is 80% lifestyle and 20% feed. Making sure they have plenty of fresh air, fresh water, exercise, greens and low to no stress makes a healthy bird. Their feed is important to have the healthy mix of proteins and carbs, and we have always used certified organic feed.

However, if I couldn’t afford organic I would choose a bird that was out on pasture over a caged bird. Their lifestyle is too significant a piece of the health puzzle.

It was a good experiment and we are sad that we can’t continue with the corn and soy free feed. Of course we will revert to the organic feed we used prior, and will be supporting a local business.

This choice is one more rung on the ladder towards sustainability for the farm. We love taking care of this land, raising healthy happy animals, and feeding our community.

As always we appreciate your business, feedback and support.

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Your Farmer Tara Smith (out running in a field…after chickens)