Best kept Secret that no one wants you too know…..

Wow, big response to last weeks note. Not surprising as our membership is made up of people that have made themselves aware of the food issues and care about our future.

Comments ranged from “we are a family that can barely afford
the food but make the hard choices to do so and we can give $10 a month to help those that are beyond making that choice”…to...“We can afford the food and will be happy to buy a monthly
membership for a family that cannot do so”.

All of these responses came with action steps….what specifically that person would do to help and THAT is what counts. Talk is cheap. I was never one for sitting on the sidelines nor have I been one to criticize something I was unwilling to do anything about. I wish we were all that way and I am thrilled to be part of a group of people, all of you reading this, that do take action steps to make a difference.

Yesterday I attended a meeting regarding the “State of Union” with regard to agriculture in the two counties. The audience had
heard from a historian about the “cultures” that had reigned supreme in the counties and where we stood now. We used to be a poultry monoculture, then dairy and now wine. All along little farms like ours have come and gone but over the last 80 years have never been a focus from an economic stand point. The question was “what do you think about the current mono culture?” Here was my answer……

“Forget mono culture. You are close to having no
culture. You are close to becoming one big beautiful area completely
reliant on outside imports to sustain you. We have, in these two
counties, all the resources needed to feed ourselves and our children healthy real food, to educate, to create jobs, to share in our burdens and our successes with little imports. Imports that steal our livelihoods, send our profits out of the county, state and country. It is not a tough
decision or too complicated. The solution is so simple that no one in any
government position or big business wants you to know about it….wait for it….big sounding crashing symbol….here it is… local.

If all of us only purchased local stuff, drove less, car
pooled and took public transportation more, walked more, spent time finding out how are kids are and participating with them we would spend a lot less money on needless things, more time with what matters and build communities that can stand up for themselves, care for themselves, know each other….it is only a matter of 10% of us doing just that. Buying local, participating locally, putting our energies into local. From schools to vacations, food to entertainment.
It is so simple…. And the demand forces supply, brings down prices allowing healthy food to be accessed and afforded by everyone”.

I wish I was big enough or rich enough to lead such an endeavor. I wish I had the recognition from the community that they would hear me. I believe so deeply in my bones in the power of our individual
choices to come together and model the way for the rest of the country.
Marin and Sonoma counties are now recognized as the greenest areas in the country. We have the power to lead the country in eliminating the burden we place on our government to take care of us, make decisions for us. We can do it ourselves. We can buy local, demand green healthy products that support an environment not only for our children but planning for the next 1000 years. Consider that. What would I do differently if I was making choices that would affect the next 1000 years. Would I do something else? What would I change. What if the last 100 years was planed out with a vision of 1000 year out… guess is we would be living with a smaller population, healthy food, sustainable businesses, all green, little to no disease and little to no stress.

“All righty then” as Jim Carrey would say…enough
said. Buy local….see what happens….if you are not sure where to get
something locally ask a friend. If you can’t get it locally ask yourself
if you really need it. Is there an alternative? You will be
surprised at the money you save. And with the money that you save, if you have a care for those that truly cannot afford that food, buy extra. We can deliver to them. It supports our farm, your food source, it changes one family at a time, builds community and so much more… everything local……buy local…buy local…buy local. What about a buy local only week? Then a buy local month…try it out. Write down what you can’t buy local and let’s share it to see what we can solve…jobs that could be created due to demand… local…buy local….buy local….

Your BL Farmer….