Someone asked me our pasture management philosophy could feed the world. The answer is yes and no. The Yes part is the philosophy that (bring back your boxes and bags) pasture management and bio intensive gardening could feed the communities they surround. There are some caveats. We all eat too much meat. A 12 oz steak even if it is organic and pasture raised is too much meat for one person. 4 to 6 ounces is plenty. We need to eat more greens and legumes. Cut out the white stuff like the white breads, pastas and sugars. The NO part is that we cannot feed the world. We can only feed our community. Other communities should feed themselves as well. We can teach others if needed. The arrogance disguised as compassion to feed the world is what has gotten us into this mess. More and cheaper is not better. Communities need to live within the means of their environment in a sustainable fashion. We think the global economy is a good thing and in many ways it is but in so many ways it is not. In particular the food system. Let’s face it, the farther away the food has to travel the less nutritious it is, the more oil is used to transport and the current mass production of animal meat turns our food that isn’t real and is full of hormones, antibiotics and comes from sick animals. That is our food system and we have had it for 60+ or years and seem to be just waking up to the fact that it is horrible in every facet.

Feeding the world….I want to discuss that part a bit. While it is a grand idea, those that hold that idea are wanting to feed the world with processed food. So really we are not feeding the world, we are poisoning the world. I have to stop myself from getting frustrated with this question because 2 years ago I would have asked it myself. So shame on me. But, and there is always a butt….(mine is smaller by the way because I eat clean healthy pig fat with my pork chop and pig fat breaks down human fat and turns it to energy or waste)…but I digress….moving toward a healthy economy, world wide means we have to consider the long term, not just this year. We have to think in decades and centuries not next week. So I ask you…..outside of reading my drivel and buying our food, which I love you for…..what are you doing to save the world?