The latest, most outrageous, hysterical thing about food I have heard yet…..

MEAT GLUE… got that right. MEAT Glue.

You have to Google it. My explanation won’t do it justice but it goes something like this…

Pig and Cow blood has coagulants that are processed into a pounder.
The pounder is mixed into meat (chicken, beef and pork) trimmings.
The mixture is then formed into the shape of, let’s say a filet mignon or chicken breast.
Wrapped in plastic wrap to hold its form and refrigerated for 6 hours and voila!
You have something that looks like a filet or chicken breast that isn’t!

But what the heck. It looks like it and costs like it and with some good seasoning and sauce taste fine.
What’s the problem…..OMG
And it is everywhere in the U.S. Restaurants in particular and you wouldn’t be able to tell. The U.S. approved it's use in 1998. If you have had nuggets of chicken or round ham slices and crackers or turkey rolls or been to a restaurant in the last 10 years you have probably eaten this stuff.
BTW, people diagnosed with Huntingtons and Parkinson's have high levels of this stuff in them (transgultaminase).
You have to see the You-Tube…..just put in Meat Glue.

Another reason to “Know your Farmer”….I swear we don’t even have a bottle of Elmer’s glue on the property let alone Meat Glue….