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A culmination of input from Elijah, Linsay and Jonas! We like it a lot and hope you do also!

Thing we learned over the last 2 weeks!
Laying hens won't lay eggs right after moving into a new home!
Turkeys are like velociraptors. They study in groups and execute together...really interesting (we are locking our doors at night).
The calves are still taller than the 2 year old children that still find them a bit scary.
Yellow chicks and brown chicks have a pecking order except for at night when they all huddle together for warmth and saftey....sounds familiar.
Pigs like to wander around and small fences don't mean a lot to them! But they always come back to the food. I know some teenage boys like that...
Grass fed beef is really tasty if it is aged 3 or more weeks (consolidates the little bit of fat).
Organic doesn't really mean organic......(it has been dissapointing to find out how much the term does not mean what we thought it meant).
Good food is not cheap to produce.
Ya have to know your farmer!
Eating a meal with new and old friends, knowing where the food came from and the wine (Dane Cellars has a stunning Cabernet just out) is the Bomb!