Update for this week

We had another wonderful weekend here on the farm, and are looking forward to a great week! Our circle of friends is growing to include friends, friends of friends, and contacts from the internet including Facebook and Twitter, and we couldn't be happier!

Last weekend several of our daring guests hiked up to the pond for the amazing view and to take a swim! We welcome swimmers and fishermen and women as our pond is beautiful and stocked with fish!

Our first batch of turkeys arrived last Thursday and they are a riot! They act very different from the chickens and actually run toward you when you reach out to them! Come by and see them while they re still young and cute!

This week we are:

Processing chickens Tuesday morning, and will have fresh chickens available Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning for you to pick up. Please call or email and let us know how many you want!

Welcoming our bee keeper on Thursday at 9am! If you would like the chance to suit up along with him and learn a thing or two about what wonderful creatures bees are please let us know! He can bring suits for 6 adults, and wants to provide you with an adventurous and educational experience. Come by at 9am for this bee-utiful experience ;)

We are now offering farm tours every Sunday at 10am. This Saturday we would also like to offer a tour of the land here at the farm and take you to our pond and to the farm's highest point where you can enjoy views of Petaluma and the SF bay.

In the line up for next week:

Our first round of beef will be available a week from Friday. We decided to carefully age the beef for 4 weeks in order to make it as tender as possible, and are going to go with thicker than normal cuts in order to provide the best beef possible to our customers. We went to the butcher last week to decide on packaging, and to have a look at the meat during the aging process. Our premium cuts appear to have good marbling, and we can't wait to see how amazing our beef is going to taste!

If you have a preference for thickness of cut in the future, please let us know so that we can accommodate you. We want to give our customers the best products possible, and highly value your opinion!

Fresh chickens are available now! They are 4-5lbs, $20 each...Just give us a call for delivery 707-765-1202 or come and pick them up :)

We can't wait to see you here on the farm! Pictures from last week are coming soon!