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Lots of chicken getting eaten! The feedback points to bigger birds…4lb birds have more fat that makes them juicy….
If you had a little bird and it was not to your liking you have to let me know so I can replace it….that is how we keep you coming back and happy and it builds community….good, honest communication….

A really good recipe we tried…:

Rub the chicken inside and out with salt, pepper, rosemary and lemon juice…..put a beer can on the grill or on a cooking pan (the can should have ½ of the beer in it). Put the chicken over the can (standing it on end, beer can in the cavity). Cook slowly for 1 hour and if the leg pulls off easy, it is done. OMG….it was fabulous….we did it on the grill…

Thanks again for your support and choice to eat healthy and build good soil for our children…in the end you can consider yourselves “worm farmers”. A noble cause! Tara