Pig Pardise!

It's pig moving day! We are getting ready to move our pigs to forage and we couldn't be more excited to get them into their new digs. We have lots of turnips, fava beans, corn, and the like for our happy little porkers to eat their hearts out! We also have some nice cream...Man! We wish this was our diet! ;)


The pigs have been moved to forage, and they couldn't be happier! They are all wagging their tails and grunting with pleasure :)

In the forage area we have turnips, corn, fava beans, alfalfa tops, soy beans, and lots of different grasses that our squealing friends love! We also have three types of thistle, one type that they usually eat, and two types that we figured they wouldn't be interested in. We sprayed organic molasses on the two other types of thistle and not only did they eat the thistle in the area where we sprayed, but ate everything all on their own! Guess they were hungry! ;)

Come and see our very happy pigs in paradise, and the rest of the farm at our farm tour this Sunday at 10am!

Here's a little preview of our curly-tailed friends enjoying their newfound glory!

Here's our curly-haired friend Joe with some thistle!

Joe-Joe is one of our hardest workers here on the farm!

Pigs are natural foragers...they really are in paradise!

A close up...saying HELLO!