Farm Update

Farm update for the week of July 7th, 2009

Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you an update on what's going on at Tara Firma Farms for this week!

We had a successful first scheduled visit weekend, and it went GREAT! We are always looking for people who want to come and check out what we are doing here on the farm, and all your friends and family are welcome!

Please call and schedule your visit at: 707-765-1202

We are processing our second batch of chickens this Friday!
Our chickens are free range, grass fed chickens and weigh about 4-5 lbs each.
Chickens are fresh, giblet free, and have little fat because they are grass fed and able to move around freely.
We can freeze the chickens or if you call we can keep them refrigerated for you to pick up this Saturday.
We do have some frozen chickens left from our first batch available at $20 each.

Our first 2 cows are now being processed. They were grass fed with no chemicals but not organic. The beef from the two cows will be available in 3 weeks, so please call if you are interested.

We are getting a new batch of baby chicks on Thursday so come by and see them before they grow out of their "cute" stage!

Our favorite family member and summer worker Nate is currently using a ditcher to connect power and water lines to the pump that he is installing. What a great opportunity to come and learn a thing or two about how to get water to the places you need it!

Well, that's what's going on this week...Things are always changing here on the farm with our chicks, piglets, and calves growing every day! We have lots of projects in the works all the time, and are always excited to share our organic farming experiences with everyone!