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There is a one time $15 sign-up fee and $20 refundable deposit.

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Preferred Start Up Call Time
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The Family share is packed with popular staples for group meals. The Premium share includes our higher-end cuts, great for foodies and grillers. Our meat shares can be delivered anywhere in California.
The Custom Share subscription is a great option if you want to order exactly what you want through our Webstore. ($50 minimum order per delivery). Delivered anywhere in California.
Our Whole Chicken share delivers you one our 4-pound whole pasture-raised chickens for $26 (a 10% savings). The larger Chicken Lovers Share gives you a wide assortment of breasts/wings/thighs/etc for $70 (a 25% discount)
Medium Veggie Share contains 6-7 seasonal veggie varieties. Large Veggie contains 10 varieties. Veggies delivered to select delivery zones.
4 lbs of seasonal fruit. Organic and non-GMO.
One dozen chicken eggs from our pasture raised heritage hens.
1 pound of our own applewood smoked bacon from our pasture-raised pigs.
Certified Organic, Local Cheeses available!
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