1. WHEN? October 29th, 2016 from 2 pm on
  2. WHERE? Right here on the Farm! Tara Firma Farms is located at 3796 I Street Extension in Petaluma. That's "I" as in India!
  3. TICKETS? Online tickets set up here!
  4. ARRIVAL TIME?  Event starts at 2 pm and goes through the evening, until around 10 pm.  We light the candles at 7 pm.  Plan on spending the day into the evening if that fits into your weekend!
  5. BRING OUR OWN PUMPKINS? CANDLES? We have the pumpkins and candles.  You can carve as many as you would like.
  6. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Yes, it's important to bring your own carving tools. It makes the experience more enjoyable. 
  7. BRING A DOG?  While the farm is a dog friendly atmosphere, this event would be hectic with the beloved family pet. That is why we ask you to leave your dog at home. 
  8. TOO SCARY?  It is NOT SCARY. This is not a costume or Halloween event. It's an Autumnal festival with beautiful lighting of Jack-0-Lanterns on pikes and dancing music. While some of the Jack-O-Lanterns are carved with traditional scary scenes, most are creatively carved without being scary. 
  9. TICKETS AT GATE? Most likely--the event SELLS OUT EACH YEAR with limited tickets at the gate.
  10. CHARGE FOR KIDS? Children 6 and under are free. Admission is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.
  11. WINE ALLOWED? Of course! Bring a blanket and dessert to share if you want to participate in the dessert potluck.
  12. WHAT TO WEAR?  Layers are always recommended. A blanket or two would be a great idea.
  13. ACTIVITES?  We have the pumpkin carving and placement, farm tours, and the corn maze for your enjoyment. You may hike or walk the farm, dance to the music, eat, visit with old and new friends, and just enjoy an afternoon on the farm and the magic of the lit pumpkins.