Slow Food Russian River: The Future of Meat is Here!

What is Slow Food? Well, it’s simply the opposite of fast food! Slow Food is fresh, healthy, free of pesticides or chemicals and beneficial to all–from the farmer to the eater. Slow Food proponents believe in taking time to enjoy the simple things in life and boy do we agree with that!  Tara Firma Farms had the pleasure of hosting some fantastic “Slow Food-ers" for their “The Future of Meat is Here” field trip Saturday, June 28th.

The folks with Slow Foods were excited to understand the Tara Firma way farming and we were happy to welcome them with a guided tour, followed by a chicken processing demonstration. The day rounded out nicely with a lively panel discussion. Slow Foods was also lucky enough to dine on Swami Tommy’s pulled pork belly tacos, kale slaw, London broil and fried chicken wings...all coated with his dynamic spice rubs. YUM!

It’s always a pleasure to host events here at Tara Firma, so next time you’re planning a party/event...let us know, we’d love to help out. Quickly or slowly.

AKQA Group Farm Day

Tara Firma Farms was proud to host AKQA, an award-winning ad agency known for digital services and products, at their “2014 AKQA Day on the Farm” last Friday! Over 200 creative geniuses descended on the farm ready for a day filled with education, inspiration, hard-work, down-home cookin’ and an old fashioned, boot-scooting good time! They kicked off their day with VIP tours of the farm. Getting a chance to learn about the vision and passion behind the farm from Tara and the Farm family was a favorite part of the day. Next, it was time to roll up their sleeves and lend a helping hand. There’s never a lack of things to do on a working ranch and AKQA was eager to help. From cleaning the barn, gardening, egg-washing...they did it all with gusto and we can’t thank them enough!!

How does hard work get rewarded? Here at Tara Firma, it’s with BBQ and cold beverages! Tommy kept busy manning the grill to make sure all bellies were happy and full. Awesome summer salads were on the menu along with some of the fattest, juiciest burgers in the west! Vegetarians noshed on Vegetarian Chili and Portobello mushrooms. There was no better way to work off the grub than kickin’ up the heels and hitting the dance floor...the” Barn Dance” floor, that is!! AKQA had a blast dusting off their boots and doing a lil’ do-si-do! Several lucky winners walked away with fantastic prizes that were raffled off: Tickets to the Summer Barn Dance, Tara Firma Farm Bucks, BBQ Package...just to name a few!

We here at Tara Firma Farms could not have asked for a better group or a better day...thank you AKQA!

The following are testimonials from our AKQA group farm day on Friday, June 20th, 2014.  AKQA is a global interactive agency with offices around the world.  For more info on AKQA.

"My favorite part of Tara Firma Farms was speaking with Tara about sustainable farming practices and how our approach to consumption must change." Georald

"Tara Firma Farms is absolutely wonderful!  Kind, hard-working people who truly care about and know the land they work.  That's hard to find.  The food is absolutely delicious, and you know it comes from a great source." Carrie Dunn

"It was so great going to Tara Firma Farms!  I loved seeing the barn owls and gigantic pigs."  Alicia Kawamura

"Besides being an amazing way to get your food, it was an awesome experience to take the tour and learn about the benefits of CSA farming."  Tim Shin

"So inspired by what Tara Firma Farms are doing.  You guys are wonderful!  Here's to more like you."  Suzanne Montgomery

"The pigs and people were so nice!"  JD Ohlinger

"Love the baby owls in the barn!"  Thomas Wilson

"As a religious egg eater, I was blown away by the superb level of care that Tara Firma provides for their chickens and livestock.  I'll never eat grocery store bought eggs and meat again!"  Brittany Heit

"I loved visiting Tara Firma!"  Greg Elwood

"I had such an amazing time at Tara Firma Farms.  I learned so much about how well they treat their animals which in turn makes for better meat.  You can really taste the difference!"  Kyle Beikirch

"This was my 2nd time at Tara Firma and it is always a great day.  You can tell that Tara and Craig are passionate about their farm.  It's always a fun day at the farm!"  Ellen Stevens

Barn Dance July 20th

Second Annual Pig Roast May 26th

All photos by Kim Hawkins Photography