O U R    F O O D

Each of the subscription share plans we offer are listed at the right of this page.

You can mix and match with meat, produce, eggs, and more! And, in all of our meat shares, you will receive a 15-20% value on our standard retail pricing. It's our way of saying 'thanks for being a member we can count on!'

The only thing we require is $100 minimum of food purchase a month through your subscriptions. 

What usually comes in these shares? Click Here to see an example of each Meat Share option. 


  • 7 days a week access to the farm for picnics, hikes, fishing, and more!
  • Access to our Events, plus event space booking for your own special festivities
  • Priority on special offers and sales
  • Access to our Webstore to order additional items to your next delivery
  • Our customer service team ready to help with anything in person, online, or over the phone
  • Feeling connected to your food source
  • Being part of our growing community!

Click on the various categories below to see details and prices of each subscription we offer.

Two Shares to 'Meat' Your Needs!

Family Share

You love to make crock pot meals and have many mouths to feed. This share will include 2 or more of a single cut, so the whole family can enjoy!:







Carne Asada

Whole Chicken

Chicken Parts

Flat Steaks

London Broil

Pork Sirloin


Premium Share

You love to grill and want some high end cuts, as well as ground and sausage.  Look no further! Includes:



Premium Steaks

Flat Steaks

Pork Chops


Tri Tip

Chicken Parts





Custom Share

What would you like to eat?

Some members want to know what they are getting in advance to plan ahead.  If this describes you, then the Custom Share is the perfect option for you. 

  • Order anything you want through our Webstore
  • Place your order 48 hours in advance
  • Check out our meat price list anytime here
  • Best of all, you get 10-15% savings on each delivery!

During the set up of your account, we'll create a “Default Order,” so if you forget to place your order or simply don’t have the time, we will simply ship you your default order!

Veggie & Fruit Shares

Our veggie and fruit shares consist of a varied selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits. We source from organic, non-GMO farmers.

*Note: Fruit shares will come as a separate subscription from the veggie share.