O U R    A N I M A L S

Grass Fed Beef

Tara Firma Farms Cow

We raise predominantly Black and Red Angus beef cattle year round on the lush rolling hills of southwest Sonoma County. Using low stress stockmanship techniques, coupled with management intensive grazing practices, our 100% grass-fed cattle thrive without the use of grain or pharmaceuticals. The cattle play a key role here on the farm, converting grass into fertilizing manure that contributes greatly to the microbial ballet taking place in the pasture each day.

We dry age the entire carcass for 14 to 21 days so that there is amazing flavor from the T-Bone to the Ground Beef.

Pastured Pork


We take great pride in raising 4 breeds of heritage pigs: Gloucester Old Spots, Tamworth, Hampshire and Berkshire. Our breeding herd of roughly 20 sows graze and wallow in pastures of Timothy and Rye grass between Oak trees. Our ‘Market Herd’ is a group of 2-6 month old pigs being rotated in 1-5 acre paddocks 3 times per week. They spend the wet season grazing rich low lying pasture and spend the hot dry months staying cool in the Oak hills across I St. fattening up on acorn’s and grubs.  We supplement our “market pigs" with cheese, whey, bread, vegetables, fruit, and 100% organic hog grower with, of course, no pharmaceuticals. 


Pastured Chicken


Day old chicks arrive in the early morning hours and enjoy a warm cozy brooder with room to flit around and build leg muscle. At three weeks old they head out to the pasture to roam the fields all day while being safely tucked into a predator proof house at night. Omnivores themselves, they keep pastures clean of bugs, dig for worms and will go after the occasional small rodent. This stress free management allows the chickens to never need antibiotics and is key to their overall health. Living its life as it was meant to, the chicken provides the soil with the needed fertilizer and food for humans that is healthy and tasty. They actually "taste like chicken"! 


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We keep a flock of just over 1000 hens consisting of over 15 heritage breeds. Our mobile hen houses enable us to frequently move the flock to fresh swaths of pasture. This provides a diverse nutritious diet of insects, grubs, and grass, mimicking that of their ancestors, the red jungle fowl. This also allows the hens to thrive and produce their famous eggs that are always rich in nutrients!


Tara Firma Turkey.jpg

Turkeys are smart, playful, and curious about humans. Surprisingly enough, they will come to you! They spend one month in our brooder as chicks and subsequently, because they need little from humans, are good to go on pasture.  They are omnivores who love to eat grass, bugs, and small rodents.  They also enjoy apples, pears and most fruits.  The difference in texture and flavor is shocking compared to the typical bird sold in a grocery store.  


Our Partners

To make sure our members get the most value we provide veggies, fruit, and various products from other local farms.  These local partners allow us to give you a variety of healthy products, all in one order, so you don’t need to go to the grocery store!