Oh my goodness!  I wish I would've taken a picture before I unpacked my box. Here's what I received for my $30 large produce share (all beautiful looking):

  • 1 bunch beets
  • 1 bunch radishes
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 bunch carrots
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1 bunch mustard greens
  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 bunch green chard
  • 3 small broccoli stalks (probably about one and a half cups of florets total)
  • 1 bunch of a skinny curly purplish leafy green that tastes like a lettuce
  • 2 bundles spinach
  • 1 bundle arugula
  • 4 small heads green leaf lettuce

Wow!  I'm so excited!  There is soooo much, and it's the most beautiful produce I've ever seen!  This will for sure feed us for a week. I'll have to learn to cook some new things too. We're excited about it..... Neither Kevin or I have ever had beets, so that'll be interesting. I can't get over how much we got for our money!  It would've cost us a fortune at whole foods.

Here's what I received for our $60 large meat share (the meat comes frozen, vacuum sealed, and placed in a cooler.):

  • 1 lb beef stew meat
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 lb top sirloin
  • 1 1/2 lbs short ribs
  • 1 package with 4 uncooked Italian sausages

I've never cooked with short ribs, stew meat, or top sirloin!  This will be so good for me to expand my horizons and try new foods. They vary the order each time, so on our next order we will receive different items.

I could've gotten a "family share" of meat for the same price and it would've been less variety, but more weight of a few items so it's easier to prepare a meal for a family of 3-4. (You'd get two pounds of ground beef instead of one, etc.). We decided to go with the large share so we could try new things. Besides, I generally use meat more for the flavor and to compliment the veggies rather than an entire meal based on meat. Besides, if I want to make meatloaf or something, I can always add on to our normal order anything I want from their store- meat items, olive oil, honey, cheese, yogurt, etc. for an additional charge (this week I added a pound of uncured, unseasoned, bacon to try out.)

I know the meat was a little expensive, but I feel good about where it comes from and knowing it's good quality. I also believe I can feed my family on this for a week (or more), so when I look at it that way, it doesn't seem so bad.

Off to freshen up a little bit then go to bible study. I should sleep like a baby when I get home!

Big hugs!






My husband, Bill and I took a tour of Tara Firma Farms i this afternoon...and we were both duly impressed!  So much so that we immediately registered for membership.  I took lots of pics of the farm and animals during the tour (some attached and others which I'll send in a second email).

The tour was interesting, highly informative (it should be a part of every grade school's curriculum as a required field trip).  The staff members were friendly, hardworking, and passionate about what they are doing without being preachy, not to mention it was so wonderful to see happy healthy animals (roosters, chickens, pigs, cattle, etc) able to roam freely on the land as they are all grass feed and range free.

PS  I fell in love with the pigs (even petted one large mature one and scratched it behind it's ears like I would a cat.  A Mama sow gave birth to a litter of piglets just a few days ago and we were also privy to that!

PPS  Please feel free to use any of the pics I took (if you like them) for future marketing emails, newsletters, brochures, etc.  My pleasure!

PPS  I just finished sending out a mass mailing to our friends and neighbors, business associates, etc telling them all about your wonderful enterprise.