Why do people become Tara Firma Farms Members?

Becoming a member at Tara Firma Farms is more than just receiving healthy food, it is an opportunity to be on the leading edge of a movement that is rapidly growing!  People are waking up to many issues with the industrial food system and demanding something truly healthy and truly sustainable. Join us in our mission to reshape the way things have been and in creating a new tomorrow.  As a member we encourage you to bring your friends and family out and spend the afternoon on our diverse 290 acre corner of Sonoma County. Enjoy the beautiful rolling hills with a glass of wine, a good book, or both. Take advantage of one of the best benefits of being a member of Tara Firma Farms.  Being Here!


How It Works

1. Education

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We encourage people to ask questions about conventional food:

  • Where does it come from?
  • Does it have the nutrients that my body needs?
  •  Could there be any dangerous chemicals in it? 
  • Could the production of it be damaging to the environment? 

When people start asking these important questions they don't always get answers that they are satisfied with. We encourage people to take advantage of the rich sources of information that we provide on this site. On the Resources Page you can find much of the material that inspired us to start this farm and if you are ready for your Sustainable Farming PhD, we provide all the information to get you going.

2. Pick a Share

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Once you've decided that you are ready for a healthier more sustainable food source, pick the share you would like to receive! Are you a veggie eater? Are your kids starting to clean out the fridge? There are plenty of Food Shares to meet your needs. Check out what your options are and examples of what you might receive for any given share below:

When you become a member there is a one-time $15 sign-up fee and a $20 refundable deposit for coolers, veggie-boxes etc.

Sign up for Tara Firma Farms Membership!

3. Become a Member


Tara Firma Farms Members join for many different reasons;

  • Some are passionate about their health and have been meticulous in their research before choosing Tara Firma Farms.
  • Some like the convenience of getting farm fresh food delivered to their door.
  • Some just like the taste of stress free pastured food.  

In any case, we've noticed that our members tend to be progressive in their thinking and steadfast with their convictions. Of course we would encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of our membership, however, if it is not a fit for you we applaud your inquisitiveness and appreciate your support!